Monday, June 20, 2016

Journey to the wonderful mountains of Kalinga, Finding Master Fang Od the last Batuk

our tour guide mr. Victor baculi, Zaira, I, and Mira

this is the place you can relax after the brutal 12hours busride 

some design from above

this is the one i hate

me and Master Fang Od

me while climbing up on my 778 steps count high.... whooooo....

exhausted after first 100 steps... ahhh ahhhh ahh...need water.... 

roadtrip above the jeepney scary shi***

someone trying to sell us this raw fresh cannabis 

up high in the mountains of  Kalinga, Buscalan

just thinkin something 

my turn, its hurts Master Apo Fang Od

me and dens

the Batuks and me

Geneva the girl from Riverside inn she will help you alot inside the house they will cook,serve,buy you cigarete, etc,
the rent is only 300 pesos per day pls 150 for foods with good bed good toilet good foods
Thanks to all of you guys

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